Troy McClendon - Vocals, Keyboards

I was born in St. Louis Missouri, grew up in a small town called East Prairie, Mo. I have been involved with music since I was about 7 years of age, playing piano, and learning drums while sitting on my dads lap. He would play the kick while I played the snare and toms.

I grew up in a family of believers and my father was a pastor for 20 plus years. Whenever my father got his own church, I became the piano player for the church. Two different ones actually. This put me in front of alot of people, and I just got comfortable with that.

I now lead the group "Sanctified Power" in which we pronounce the name of Jesus through voice and song. Our moto is "We lift our voices to the Lord!" That says it all. As a song writer and musician, I believe that my purpose is to bring the word of God by lifting his name through voice and our songs. Think of these titles to just name a few, "The Lord is Waiting, With My Prayer, Glory to his Name, Did you do your Part". These titles say alot in just the words alone. God is patient, He expects us to do our part.

 My prayer is God will make me stronger in him and keep me in the path of righteousness. Please allow me to lead through you. It is all about you, and thank you for allowing this opportunity and bless those who know you, those who don't know you, bring them closer to you and use me to do your work. "I Praise You"


Rhonda McClendon - Drums

My name is Rhonda, and Troy is my husband. We have three children and two grand children. We reside in Goochland, Va.

At the age of 33, God saved me from a life of what I refer to of life in a pit, and living in the past,. Jesus saved me and showed me a new life, a servant life through learning the drums, and starting this praise band with my husband. I pray God will use Sanctified Power as a witness to reach people for his glory, by using the talents he gave us.

He can do for you, what he has done for me and many others, saved a wretch like me. He gave me peace and joy. Won't you accept Jesus into your life and truly find that piece that has been missing. Joy, peace and everlasting life. AMAZING GRACE, HOW SWEET THY SOUND, THAT SAVED A WRETCH LIKE ME!

I pray God uses the songs he gave us to touch your life, and bring you into his arms.

Be Blessed,


Cindy St.Pierre - Lead Vocals

My name is Cindy St.Pierre. I was raised in the little town of Mineral, Va. and was blessed with a wonderful family that loved people and music.  I have two awesome sons who love the Lord and are strong in their faith. My loving husband of twenty years passed away earlier this year, so life has had it's set backs, but God is good and continues to stay beside us.

In my younger years, I sang in the choir at our church, and accepted Jesus  as my lord and savior at the young age of 10 during revival. But as I got older, life seemed to get in the way of everything that was most precious to me, and with that came a time of straying away from God. How did I get so far away from what matters most in this world, and how do I get back a relationship with God after living such a sinful life? Some of you maybe thinking the same thing and I want you to know that even if you think your life is broken and your not someone God can use, you are wrong. We have a loving Father who can take the worst of circumstances, the worst sinner, and turn them around completly for his glory.

 Corinthians 5:17 says: "If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature, the old things passed away, behold things are new. You can turn from that sinful nature and wordly things to a new life with God. A life that is rich and complete. So if you haven't already accepted Christ as your Lord and savior, do so today.As a member of Sanctifed Power, I pray our songs that God gives us, that they will reach out and touch you somehow. Listen to them, hear them, and  use them.

Be blessed

Derek Burch - Bass, guitar, back up vocals

I am originally from New York City.  I got my first guitar in 1973, and started playing rhythm guitar. In 1986 I went to Allendale SC with an off Broadway Musical. It lasted for several months, we started recording albums, and made good money. It sharpened my skills as musician.

I was going on tour with Guy back in the 90's, but my kids were too young, and I didn't want to leave them. They are all grown now. God had a better offer for me, I was to play at several churches in New York and Virginia.

It is really important to have a great spirit when being in a band.  My whole family are musicians. My mother played for Hillary Clinton in the early 90's. My father played guitar, my sister is a singer, and my brother  is a keyboard player. So I guess it's in the blood. I still play, playing for Jesus is better than playing for any big time producer any day.

AMEN!            DEREK BURCH

Steve Kenney - Guitar, Back up Vocals

I was born in Richmond, Va. and reside in Goochland,Va. with my wife Jan. I would like to thank my Lord and Saviour Jesus for what he has given me. I grew up in a single parent home, and was always getting into things I shouldn't, from alcohol, to drugs. However, Jesus saved me from this life, I am now a deacon in our church. I am involved in many activities.

I also play Guitar with Sanctified Power. I see God at work and try to join him in that work. God has plans for us, big or small, we just have to give him room and let him work for how he sees fit.